School boy with earphones on listening to music, flying in an aircraft with a seat pre-booked by the window, with a view of the clouds

Pre-Selected Seating

FlySafair gives customers the option to pre-select a seat when making a flight reservation for a small fee. This way you can be sure that you’ll be seated where you want to sit on the aircraft.

Sit with Friends and Family

Customers who don’t opt for pre-selected seats during booking will have seats automatically assigned during check-in. Unfortunately there are no guarantees that there will be seats available for friends and family to sit next to one another, so we highly recommend pre-selected seating to ensure that you can all travel together.

FlySafair Seats

Extra-Leg Room

Extra Leg-Room emergency exit seats can be purchased for a bit of extra comfort during flight. These seats are generally situated in the emergency exit rows and offer a very generous amount of leg-room and personal space. Extra-Leg Room Seats can be selected for R70.

Please note that passengers occupying these seats need to be willing and able to assist in opening the emergency exit doors in the event of an emergency. Civil Aviation Law prevents us from seating certain individuals in these rows including children under the age of 16, pregnant woman and anyone with a physical disability that might limit their ability to assist should the need arise.

Pre-Selected Seating Prices

Pre-Selected Regular Seats R30
Pre-Selected Seats Front of Aircraft R50
Extra Leg-Room Seats R70

The seats situated between the cockpit and the over-wing exists are considered to be the front of the aircraft. These row numbers can vary by aircraft type but generally cover rows 3 - 15. There is a seat map on our booking flow that clearly indicates which seats are allocated to each price category and where they are situated.

Changing Flights

Pre-booked seats are only guaranteed for your original flight. If you change your flight, somebody might have already booked the seat you previously selected and you will have to choose another seat that is available.