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Cheap Car Rental from FlySafair & First Car Rental

We are proud to partner with First Car Rental who ensures that our passengers are looked after on the ground just as well as they've been looked after in the air. FlySafair passengers are able to book car rental at especially negotiated rates on the FlySafair website with First Car Rental who have a wide variety of vehicles in their fleet. First Car Rental offers super competitive car rental rates and, without a doubt, offer First Class service.


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Great Car Rental Rates

Customers who book car rental in conjunction with cheap flights on FlySafair, get to enjoy awesome discounted car rental rates. To book you can simply add a car to your reservation during the booking process. A car can also be added after a booking is made by clicking here.


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How Car Rental Works

Customers are not charged for their car rental when adding the rental reservation to their booking. Rather the car is temporarily reserved for you, and you will have 72 hours to make payment. If payment is not received within the stipulated time, the rental request will automatically be cancelled.

Renters will need a valid driver's licence and an embossed credit card in the renters name to rent a vehicle. First Car Rental will reserve a deposit on your credit card when you pick up the car at the branch. After you return your car, First Car Rental will tally up the rental fees along with any additional kilometres covered outside of your free allocation and process the payment while releasing the deposit to you.

Picking up Your Car

Most First Car Rental Airport depots have a special dedicated counter specifically for FlySafair passengers. Our partners at First Car are aware of our flight schedule and prepare our customers' cars in advance to ensure that you can get off your flight and onto the road as soon as possible. The First Car Rental offices are located in the Car Rental sections of the airports. Any airport staff or FlySafair staff will gladly guide you to the offices upon your arrival.


Roadside Assistance

First Car Rental's cars are maintained in mint condition, but should you find yourself in any trouble at all, First Car also offers comprehensive 24-hour Roadside Assistance. The number for this service is conveniently printed on the car's keyring and will be pointed out to you when you pick up your vehicle. The number to call is: 0860 888 911.

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Contact First Car Rental

For any enquiries relating to car rental, please call First Car Rental on

0861 178 227